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Digital X-Rays

Lublin Dental Center: Utilizing Digital X-Rays in Brooklyn

Discover How Digital X-Rays in Brooklyn Can Benefit Your Oral Health!

There are many patients who are uncomfortable receiving dental x-rays. Traditional dental x-rays feel awkward and some patients do not want to be exposed to the amount of radiation that traditional x-rays emit. Thanks to modern technology, digital x-rays have taken the forefront as an ideal way to receive x-rays and at Lublin Dental Center, Drs. Adam and Theodore Lublin offer digital x-rays so that patients may have a more comfortable experience in the dentist’s chair.

What Are Digital X-Rays?

Like traditional dental x-rays, digital x-rays utilize a sensor that is placed into the mouth to capture pictures of the teeth. Digital x-rays, however, use a sensor that is electronic so that images can be immediately uploaded onto a computer screen for you and your dentist to view.

How Are Digital X-Rays Different?

Digital x-rays house equipment that exposes patients to 90 percent less radiation than traditional x-rays. Although traditional x-rays are very safe, patients who receive x-rays on a regular basis may benefit more from a dental office that uses digital technology.

Digital x-rays also take less time to develop and produce higher quality images than their traditional counterparts. The images can be magnified and the color adjusted so that all aspects of the teeth can be viewed. The images are also easily transferable once they are uploaded onto a computer. The x-rays can be emailed to a specialist, for instance, if your dentist decides you need additional dental work.

Digital X-Rays in Brooklyn

For over 20 years, the dental health professionals at Lublin Dental Center have been using digital x-rays to create the best dental experience for patients. The sensors we use fit comfortably in patients’ mouths and we are able to determine more accurate diagnoses thanks to their quality.

We use digital x-rays during general cleanings and dental exams, as well as for specific procedures that involve an analysis of the dentition beforehand.

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