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Fixed Bridges

Learn More about Porcelain Fixed Bridges

When a tooth goes missing, there are plenty of restorative options available. Depending on the amount of teeth missing, as well as your oral health, you can choose the replacement method that is best suited for you. One such treatment is porcelain fixed bridges, which are available at Lublin Dental Center in their Brooklyn dental office. A dental bridge can restore missing teeth so that you can regain and full smile.

What is a Dental Bridge?

When teeth go missing or become too weak to function, a porcelain fixed bridge may be a viable option. A dental bridge is used to fill in a gap of space between teeth and consists of two or more crowns that are placed on both sides of the gap. These two or more teeth are referred to as abutment teeth and act as anchors for the false tooth that is placed in the gap of space. The finished result is a seamless smile with no visible missing teeth.

Patients may choose a dental bridge to:

  • Restore their smile
  • Fill in gaps between teeth
  • Retain jawbone density and facial structure
  • Regain chewing and speaking ability
  • Keep existing teeth from shifting

There are cosmetic as well as restorative benefits to receiving a fixed bridge. A bridge can enhance your appearance by eliminating unattractive gaps in teeth and creating a polished smile. Fixed bridges can also improve oral health by keeping existing teeth from shifting and creating a misaligned, and therefore infection-prone, smile.

Porcelain Fixed Bridges in Brooklyn

During your initial consultation, Dr. Lublin will take x-rays as well as check the stability of your teeth to determine whether they can withstand a dental bridge. The following appointment will involve preparing the abutment teeth by removing enough enamel so as to cover the teeth with a crown. Next, impressions are taken in order to customize the bridge and match the existing tooth structure. You will be given a temporary bridge to wear while your permanent bridge is being created.

Your second appointment will check the fit of the porcelain bridge and make any necessary adjustments. Follow-up appointments may be needed to continually ensure your bridge is as comfortable as possible, and once you are completely satisfied, your bridge will be cemented into place.

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