Dental Emergencies

Dental Emergencies in Bergen Beach, Brooklyn, NY 

It is always dismaying when we are unexpectedly faced with a setback. Dental emergencies can often create inconveniences in our schedules. Knowing whom to turn to and what to do can make these situations less stressful.

We at Lublin Dental Center are here for you. We help you to begin the healing process as soon as possible, so you can get back to your normal activities. Drs. Adam and Theodore Lublin provide emergency services in Brooklyn and surrounding communities. Drs. Lublin and Lublin are available for you no matter the time or day.


Call Our Brooklyn Dentists if Experiencing a Toothachesuffering dental emergency in brooklyn

One of the most common dental emergencies is a toothache. Toothaches are a warning to people that decay has reached into the deepest part, or the pulp, of a tooth. The pulp contains nerve endings that signal to the brain the presence of an infection, resulting in the discomfort patients feel when a tooth is compromised.

If you are experiencing a toothache, you should schedule an appointment with our Brooklyn dental practice as soon as possible. This is to prevent the infection from spreading to surrounding dental structures and compromising your overall well-being.

Our dentists are experienced in treating dental infections by performing root canal therapy. They create an access point at the top of the crown, and they remove all of the diseased pulp. With our gentle approach and advanced techniques, we maximize comfort for patients, before, during, and after treatment.  

Root canal therapy allows patients to retain the full function of a tooth. Dentists secure the damaged tooth with a porcelain crown afterward to protect it from further damage. Crowns are matched to neighboring teeth to create a uniform smile.

Repair Chips in Teeth and Securely Reattach Crowns in Brooklyn

Another common dental emergency is teeth that become damaged by sudden impact or force.  Our dentists have the necessary tools to restore teeth to provide patients with a beautiful, healthy smile. If possible, keep the chipped part of the tooth because sometimes it can be bonded back on the tooth with a composite resin matched to the natural tooth color.

Lublin Dental Center Provides Help for Dislodged Teeth

Many accidents occur in cars or on the sports field and teeth can become dislodged. Sometimes, if a dentist is seen immediately, he can reattach the tooth. Make sure to gently rinse the tooth with warm water, being careful to avoid the root. Place the tooth back into the socket or hold it in the cheek until you see one of our dentists. If the tooth is not able to be reattached, one of our dentists will provide you with an aesthetically pleasing aesthetic to restore oral health.

Call Lublin Dental Center in Brooklyn for Emergency Care

Give Lublin Dental Center a call if you are facing a dental emergency. We will compassionately make sure you are treated immediately. Drs. Adam and Theodore Lublin are in Brooklyn, and they provide outstanding dental care.



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